Dedicated to the memory of Cliff

This site is a tribute to Cliff, who was born in Nigeria on May 06, 1959. He is much loved and will always be remembered.


My sincere condolences to his family and relative! I knew Dr Clifford Ojukwu for 16 years as my GP. He was more than a GP to me and my family; very supportive, providing useful advice and excellent services. I will say he was like mentor and a Dad. I see him as a humanist, very dedicated to help patient and he was blessed with wisdom and talents. My family and i will certain miss him a lot. We cannot stop crying your sudden lost. May your soul rest in peace! Dr Tapah ( Boris) and family's.
Sent by Boris on 19/08/2018
Waoooo! what a transient life! My memories of cliff will linger for a very long time. My wife, Queen Chiz and I spent sometime with him and his amiable wife, Chinwe at their palacious Birmingham home in May 2007 celebrating our marriage anniversary. We had an unforgetable experience in their very quiet house with exquisite ambience. We were well received and we felt so comfortable that we did not want to leave in a hurry but for the shortness of the vacation. Himself and Chinwe were so sacrificial that Chinwe had to drive us all the way from Birmingham to London to see her sister Ndidi, another wonderful person and her family. We truly enjoyed their comapny and wished we had more opportunity for such a friendly gesture. Our family friendship was through Chinwe's sister Oga Okafor who herself is a 'relationship guru' and care-giver personified. Cliff was a charming person with infectious smile all the time. He was such a hospitable guy who likes to put smiles on the faces that he comes across with. I have been hearing of Cliff's desire to return to Nigeria to give back to our nation and I was getting excited which has now been short-lived. What a life? O Man, what are you? the scripture queries? Na etiti ndu ayi no na onwu. Cliff you lived your purpose in life and that's what matters. You will always be remebered by what you have done. You have done your bit and the rest is left in God's hand to whom you have returned. I pray that God would grant you eternal rest in the bossom of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Jee ije gi nke oma! And to Chinwe and Cliff's children and other relations left behind, I pray that God Almighty would grant you all the fortitude, grace and comfort of the Holy Spirit to bear this weighty loss. Cliff, as you are buried in your hometown Ichida, in Anambra State on Friday June 22, 2018, may your gentle and kind soul rest in peace untill we meet again to part no more. Adiu Cliff, you were such a great man! Rev Samson Udoka ILODIBE, Oba Town, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Sent by Samson on 20/06/2018
It is still hard for me to digest that this tribute I'm writing is for uncle Clif,someone that was perfectly okay when I last saw him. I will never understand why he had to go at this time, but I guess that I would just have to trust that God's timing is the best even thought it's very difficult. Uncle Cliff you would be greatly missed and will forever remain in our hearts. See you when I do.
Sent by Onyeka on 13/06/2018
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